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Packages:  Any size package can be purchased using the intial treatment as one  

3 Pack Initial Treatment:

5 Pack Initial Treatment:

10 Pack  Initial Treatment:

Everything is included Except for Supplements

Facial Rejuvenation Packages:

Constitutional  Acu-Facelift Injection w/Homeopathics


Package of 5 Plus Initial Consult:

Package of 10 Plus Initial Consult :

Injections: (weight loss injections with vitamins and neutraceuticals)

Individual Treatment/Initial:

Package of 8 Treatments and 16 Also Available

Point Injection Therapy: (pain Management)

B-12 Injections:

Cupping for Pain or Congestion without whole treatment :

Quit Smoking : Individualized by need


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we offer standard process, xymogen, traulevium and other professional only grade products  for essential oils




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